Greg Parks - Democrat for Clerk of Court

Vote on June 11


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Adam Ebbin


"Under Greg Parks’ leadership Alexandrians can count on a modernized clerk’s office where citizen-friendly service is prioritized, and equal access to the court system for every citizen is emphasized. Greg’s integrity, and the thoughtfulness with which he approaches everything he does will make him an exceptional Clerk of the Court."

Amy Jackson

City Councilwoman

“I support Greg for Clerk of Court because he shares my ideals. He will serve all Alexandrians with an inclusive vision focused on justice for all and service to our community.”​

Mo Seifeldein

City Councilman

“Greg shares my vision of a government that works for all citizens regardless of their profession, education or income. Greg will fight every day to make sure that the Clerk’s office provides high quality and efficient service to all Alexandrians.”

Who is Greg Parks?


Bachelor of Arts, Juris Doctor and Master of Laws degrees


25 years as an attorney and manager for the Federal Government


Lifelong Democratic activist and leader

Meet Greg

Why is this election important?

Greg believes that the Clerk should help citizens access our court system without regard to education or income. Many times, citizens interact with the Clerk's office at important moments of their lives.  That is why outstanding customer service is critical.  Modern electronic filing systems, remote access to court records, and better technology in the courtrooms will promote transparency and lower costs.

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